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Gadget gal: Xqisit iplate

OMG, I saw the most appalling thing ever on the bus.

MY IMAGINATION IS RUNNING WILD. The girl sitting next to me was holding her iPhone, and the screen was completely cracked -- like a spider's web. It was horrifying. It looked as if she'd dropped it and then stepped on it while wearing stilettos. I wanted to say something like 'WTF?', but felt it would be rude to make her dwell on her misfortune.

NIGHTMARE. No kidding. It put the fear of God in me and I immediately began casting about for a protective cover. I have this naff thing left over from my BlackBerry that is basically a canvas pocket on a string that you can hang about your neck, but it's really, really naff. I couldn't possibly do that to my gorgeous iPhone.

WHAT A DILEMMA. Hmm, sarcasm doesn't suit you. After a good google, I came across the xqisit range of iProtection and the iPlate. They are flashy, very shiny and some are quite colourful. I went for the silvery one that looked like it had raindrops all over it, and ordered it

from Amazon.

HOW'D IT WORK OUT FOR YOU? Well, I was disappointed to see that the thing wasn't metal, but plastic. I suppose that any layer that will take the wear and tear of slipping off tabletops and getting knocked about in coat pockets, is good enough -- but my initial impression was that it didn't seem to be much protection. I suppose it's better than nothing. It clips on to the back and of course has all the requisite cut-outs so that you can still work the buttons.

HANDY. Eh, not so much. It's a bit tricky working the switch that turns your phone to silent, for example. I suppose the case is just that bit too thick.

Also included is a piece of clear plastic that adheres to the face.

Probably not going to save it from smashing, but otherwise?

It's fantastic, it actually makes the touchscreen easier to use. So at the end of the day, an excellent purchase.

The xqisit iPlate can be ordered on amazon.co.uk and costs €14