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Gadget gal: The Stick

Okay, okay, let's get all the silly comments out of the way. Okay, okay, let's get all the silly comments out of the way.


That makes a change! So, here's the thing: some of us gals are sporty and some of us have sporty partners. As we all know, doing sports can cause injuries, or discomfort.

The pay-off of the endorphin rush, is often enough to mitigate discomfort . . . but sometimes, there's pain.


Sometimes. When it is one of those times, I direct your attention to The Stick.


Get it out of your system. The Stick is made of space-age plastic (their words, not mine) that is divided into beads along the centre rod. This plastic allows for flexibility and maximum compression when you roll it over the offending area.


It is as simple as that. I have an Achilles tendon injury that is plaguing me. The part where the tendon attaches to my heel is the worst, and the arch of my foot is affected, too.

I couldn't wait to get home to give The Stick a roll. OMG, it was fantastic. It gets right in there, and works over the muscle and tendons like nobody's business. There are many to choose from -- there's even one for your pet.

IT'S REALLY JUST A ROLLER? The tagline for The Stick is 'A toothbrush for your muscles'. It sounds gross, but it's true: use it every day. Even if you're not injured, this is great for keeping everything flexible and supple.

Trust me! It sounds crazy, but it totally works.

The Stick is available on www.thestick.com and prices start at approximately €21 ($27.50)