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Gadget Gal: Sony Vaio P Series

A PHONE is a phone, and a computer is a computer.

BUT SOMETIMES THEY ARE BOTH. This is true. I can do my email on my smartphone, and I can ring people and talk to them on my computer. But it’s hard for me to, say, write a gadget review on my iPhone — not impossible, but impossibly annoying. And I can’t Skype and walk at the same time. How cool would it be to, oh, I don’t know, go and sit on the seafront and ring a friend in America?

THAT WOULD BE PRETTY COOL. Yeah. The thing is, we are spoiled and want to do what we want to do when we want to do it, especially when it comes to things technological. We want convenience, portability, connectivity, and if you’re a gadget gal, you want style, too.

GOES WITHOUT SAYING! So the Sony Vaio seems to ring a lot of bells. It is slim and stylish, weighing in at around 600g, comes in five colours (white, black, pink, orange and green), is longer than it is wide, and is fully loaded and capable.

Due to its slenderness, it slips into your handbag, and is ready and able to allow you to do anything you want.

ANYTHING? Anything that you can do on a computer. The fullsized QWERTY keyboard is welldesigned and easy to use, and you really barely feel the weight of it over your shoulder. But . . .

BUT? That navigation button! You know the one, it sits in the middle of the keyboard, between the G and the H. It is as imperfect a way to get around the screen as it gets. It’s the sacrifice you make for the small size. It is frustrating, and the learning curve is too steep.

THAT THE ONLY QUIBBLE? The length of the screen takes some getting used to, as we are more accustomed to depth on our laptop screens. It makes web surfing somewhat tricky, as most of the screen is taken up with the banners that adorn most sites.

If they could just sort out that stupid button, this would be the absolute princess of portable computing.

The Sony Vaio P Series retails for €969, and is available from all good computer shops