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Gadget gal: Sony Bloggie MSH-PM5K

I try a lot of products.

YOU CERTAINLY DO. I review only one a week, but I often have many on the go. As you know from reading the column, there are good points and bad points to every gadget out there, but today, I'm going to tell you a secret: I don't always want to keep most of the things forever.

NO! Yes! I enjoy playing with everything I get, but I don't always want it around, cluttering up the place. Not so with the Sony Bloggie. Oh, this darling little thing.

IT'S ONLY WEE. But it delivers in a big, big way. About the size of a mobile phone, it slips into one's pocket with the same aplomb, and delivers so much more than the video or camera function on your handset. Plus, since it looks so much like a phone, you won't feel self-conscious shooting your footage.

SPIELBERG, WATCH OUT! You're not far off. You get HD video, and the sound is really amazingly good for such a tiny unit.

WOW. No kidding. I will say it's a bit fiddly to transfer to your computer. I had to call tech services to have them tell me where the USB plug was (it's hidden in the bottom of the camera). Then, you have to hook it up to a connector and then hook that up to your desktop. Not ideal, but it worked in the end.

LUCKY YOU. I have to give it back. Sad face. But it's nearly time to write letters to Santa, isn't it . . .?