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Gadget gal: Samsung N210

It all comes down to what’s most important to you.


Oh, yeah. There are things that people ‘put up with’ in their relationships, with their families, with their living spaces, that others wouldn’t be able to stick for a minute. Some people put their forks in their right hands, and their knives in their left — and vice versa.

Everybody’s different, that’s what makes the world go round, etc, etc. So let’s not get all judgy in the Mac v PC debate.


It used to be that you had to choose Mac for style, and PCs for workhorse qualities. The Apple product would be sexy, and the PC product would be reliable. Non-Cupertino, California-based designers have been bringing their game to the netbook wars, and Samsung have come up with a nice little number in the N210.


Pretty nice. It looks really well, and the keyboard is the perfect size. There’s a big hard-drive and they’ve finessed an instant OS function, which means it doesn’t take a year and day to boot up — which it has always done on a PC. It’s also got battery life for ages and ages, which makes it a serious improvement on, say, the MacBook Air.


Yes, indeed. However… while its 10.1 inch LED screen dimension (a screen, by the way, that is non-reflective and fairly amazing) makes it small in size, it’s really that bit too heavy. At 1.1 kgs, it is roughly double the weight of the MacBook Air. This makes me sigh. I suppose I’m happy enough to sacrifice exemplary battery power for lightness in my shoulder bag. But then, I add the weight of the power lead because I can’t get much work done without juice. But somebody else may be like, whatever, I don’t care, I’m not dragging a stupid power lead around!


Right? So if you’re not fussy about perfectly perfect design, and don’t mind the extra ounces, Samsung’s N210 is the netbook for you. Plus, the price is a little over a third of that of a MacBook Air; as we all know, money talks, but this price just about shouts ‘Buy me’.

The Samsung N210 retails for €399 and is available where all good computers are sold.