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Gadget Gal: Philips Fidelio

iPod docks: they seem kind of stupid.

AS IN, THEY DON'T FUNCTION INTELLIGENTLY? No, as in, what's the point? You've got your laptop, and your stereo, so what do you need a dock for? Okay, so maybe your flat isn't fully wired for sound, so when you're taking a bubble bath, rather than blast out your neighbours, you plonk your Pod into a dock and drag it near to the bathroom door. Oh, I kind of see the point of a dock, now.

THERE YOU GO. Yeah, feel a little silly. I felt a lot silly when I got the Philips Fidelio in my hands, because it is entirely awesome.

ENTIRELY? And utterly. This is a bedside dock, meaning that if you are, like many, and use your iPhone as an alarm clock, you needn't just leave it lying there on the bedside locker. You pop it into the dock (where it automatically syncs with the time on your phone), your phone will charge overnight, and your alarm will chime out.

OKAY, THAT IS COOL. It is very cool. And the Fidelio is gorgeous, it doesn't take up a lot of 'visual' space, and the speaker is the part on top, and is omni-directional. For a so-called clock radio, it sounds amazing. I don't like the orange LED though; it should be a restful blue, maybe.

I LIKE THIS! Me, too! It's only good for iPhones and most of the recent iPods. So no good for members of the MP3 nation. Oh! There is also another USB port, so if you have something else to charge or -- cough, cough -- your bedtime guest does, you can plug in whatever needs the current. So to speak.

WHAT ELSE? What, you want it to make the bed, too? It surely does enough and does it with style. This is a gorgeous addition to the boudoir, but if you end up spending extra time in bed, don't blame me.

The Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker DS1100 is available exclusively in O2 stores, priced €89