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Gadget gal: Kenwood Hand Blender

Baby, it may not be as cold as it was, outside, but it’s still dark.

HATE THAT. You and me both. It’s the end of winter but, even so, it feels like a good time for a nice, hearty soup.

SOUP IS GOOD. Yes! We are on the same page. In the past I have made soups, and they’ve been okay, but they always came out chunky. The thing is, I am not super chef, and I don’t have a lot of culinary gadgets. I have a toaster. And a bread oven. They work well together, but they are not going to make me a nice, smooth soup. Luckily, Kenwood is here to save the day.

HURRAY! The Kenwood TriBlade Hand Blender is the answer to my prayers, and may be the answer to yours. It is compact, so it won’t take up any space on my countertop — which is pretty much non-existent anyway. It cleans up really easily, and as for how it works . . .

HOW DOES IT WORK? Really well! This thing is so powerful, I almost lifted the soup pan off the hob when I was blending my butternut squash and aduki bean soup! In less than four whirls, I had a soup that looked like it should be on the cover of a magazine.

FANCY! Very. I am so pleased, I am going to be all about the soup until June. I’m looking at recipes for chestnut and parsley, and a leek and potato one that looks yummy . . .

The Kenwood HB 724 TriBlade Hand Blender is €79.99, and available where good appliances are sold