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Gadget gal: iPhone 4

THERE’S nothing like something new to make something else look old.

RIGHT. It’s true! I unpacked the iPhone 4 and laid it down on my desk, beside my iPhone 3. And my lovely iPhone 3 looked instantly obsolete.

ISN’T IT? There’s a question. The new iPhone is leaner, and looks longer, even though it isn’t really. It feels heavier, which made me say, “Ha! So there!” out loud, but once I got used to that, it wasn’t important. It looked all shiny and new (as it was), but it felt new, too.

WELL, DUH. It’s all perception, I suppose. Anyway, why would you go out and buy this phone, or upgrade, if you’re not addicted to new and shiny?

WHY WOULD YOU? There don’t seem to be essential differences. The buttons on the sides are much easier to use than the long flat ones on the old phone, and the flat screen is still the same wonderfully sensitive-tothe-touch technology. Uh . . . there are new screen savers!


The camera is improved by leaps and bounds. The iPhone 3 camera is rubbish, and this new one is fab, and also allows you to switch the lens to front-view, so you can take accurate pictures of you and your mates at parties. This function also serves to make FaceTime possible, a video-phone system that actually works — I had a Nokia years ago that didn’t do the job half as well.

THAT’S SOMETHING. Listen, if you’re iPhone-less, then there’s no reason to get the old version. If you’ve got one, you can get one of these without a major learning curve. The iPhone technology is still the best around.

The iPhone 4 is available from 3 on a variety of price plans. See www.three.ie/iphone for details