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Gadget gal: HP Photosmart Premium E AIO

I have tested out many a printer in my day.

INDEED. I have put many a combination unit through its paces. You know, the sort that not only prints but also scans and photocopies and does the washing up (just kidding!). They are generally compact, which is ideal, and they do manage to do all the things they are asked to do. Sometimes, however, I feel that the printing part, which is the whole point of the endeavour, doesn’t come up to scratch.

HOW SO? Well, the images don’t always look that great. Not great enough to want to frame them and hang them on the wall. These are generally images that are spat out of printers that big-up their speed. When the images do turn out well, then, generally, I’ve found that it takes a little less than forever for them to be produced.

CAN’T WIN. Yes you can! When I made my first print out from Hewlett Packard’s Photosmart Premium e AIO, I was gobsmacked. The printer was fast and the image was amazing! I was so impressed!

FIRST TIME LUCKY? Not at all. I made about a million printouts, give or take a few, and every single one of themwas terrific.

EXCELLENT! The printer itself is as compact as you could want it to be. It boasts a wee touch screen that I found to be less sensitive than it could have been, and that aspect could use some work. The scanning function works better when you use the software rather than pushing the button on the touchscreen. The scans themselves are workable, and the software itself was limiting.

BUMMER. But! The wireless configuration of this machine went without a hitch, and it was the easiest and most direct set up I’ve experienced. It really worked a treat. This wirelessness is also useful for printing directly from the apps that are loaded on to the machine. The bells and whistles are grand, but if you’re just interested in printing out beautiful colour photos, then this is the set up for you.

The HP Photosmart Premium e AIO (CN503B), €199, available from Click.ie, Harvey Norman and Soundstore outlets