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Gadget Gal: Denon Earbuds

Sometimes, specs for tech stuff cracks me up!

I COULD USE A LAUGH. It's not that I'm making fun, but seriously, what does this mean to anyone: "Denon's latest earbud offering boasts new Hybrid Metal Housing, a 11.5mm Neodymium magnet driver and a Radial Cascade Damper that reduces cable-transmitted vibration noise." Wha'?

OOH, JARGONY! Yeah, and the things is, you don't need to use a lot of fancy words to convince anyone that these are worth trying -- they are Denon after all, who have an excellent reputation in the sound business. Plus, I was keen to see how these new buds worked with my iPhone, as the ones supplied by Apple were not so hot.

NO? No. The thing is, you don't want to be constantly taking your phone in and out of your pocket or handbag; it's a good advertisement for thieves looking to get their hands on your gear. So, Apple put controls on the headphones, allowing you to change volume levels, skip songs, stop, reverse -- but not answer your phone and have a chat.

NOT SMART. Nope. But Denon are, and they put a mic in the teeny control pad. They also did one better than Apple and used raised buttons rather than a flat touchpad for the controls.

AND SO? The sound is great. The buds fit like a dream. The controls are perfect, and the mic works the way you want it to: people can hear you and you can take calls.

ANY DRAWBACKS? Well, Apple still has something on Denon in that while their control pad was imperfect, it was small enough to be positioned on the right ear cable. Denon's is down where the two cables meet. It seemed more convenient in Apple's placement. Or it may just be muscle memory that I need to unlearn. Apart from that, these are great, and well worth the spend.