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Forget me not?

We may want to forget romances that didn’t turn out so well but there are, of course, many times we want to remember and keep mementos.

When a parent dies, children are often encouraged to make ‘memory boxes’ filled with things that remind them of their parent.

Winston’s Wish, a charity for bereaved children, suggests keeping items such as cards received, perfume or aftershave, an item of clothing, shells from a beach holiday and photographs. It’s something thatcan be applied to anyone that has lost a loved one, not just children. Some items will become heirlooms. I have a few female friends who have worn their mothers’ engagement rings since their mothers passed away. My grandmother kept a little table from her own mother’s house and when I got engaged she told me she would give it to me. Of course, some of us are just sentimental hoarders.

I recently found my very first school pencil case and, to my shame, couldn’t bear to throw it away.