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Favourite things: Sorcha Kenny


It’s only on special occasions that I bring out this tiny handbag. But whenever I do, someone always asks where it’s from. I love telling them it was bought in an old shop in O’Connell Street, back in the 1960s! My mother gave away all her dresses, but I’m glad she kept this handbag to give to me.


We live in a great big old house on the Malahide Road, surrounded by land, old stables, two horses, and a loft that we use as a rehearsal space. I live with seven other wonderful people, as well as other friends who come and go from time to time.


This is a ring my sister gave me; she lives in Copenhagen, and I wear it on days when I want to feel close to her, or need that bit of extra confidence. She’s my best friend, the rock in my life.


Miranda July is my heroine because she doesn’t limit herself to one facet of the arts, but spreads out to theatre, performance and writing. Her personality is stamped on everything she does, including this book.


Aniz, my favourite artist, also happens to be my friend — how lucky am I! At a recent exhibition, she put a sold sticker on this picture, and gave it to me. With it was a poem about a dress, which I’m going to use in my upcoming performance piece.


Meet my good auld pal, Molly. I don’t drive, and probably never will, but I love the sense of freedom Molly gives me. Whenever I’m feeling stressed, she sorts me out.


Whenever I see pretty boxes, I have to buy them. It started as a desperate need to be organised in a pretty way. I had a lot of stuff, and they were ideal. But then I continued buying them, even when I didn’t have anything to put in them.


I’ve a tiny room, but I’ve made the best of it by covering one wall with pictures, photos, and mementos. When I wake up, I just look at it to feel inspired.


Wearing a vintage dress makes me feel like I’m wearing a piece of history. I’m fascinated about its previous life. Such stories become interwoven with my own — how I discovered the dress and what emotional attachment I now have with it. All of which has inspired my new show, My Life in Dresses.


Although it terrified me, The Red Shoes was one of my favourite films as a little girl; and along with The Wizard of Oz, it’s probably the reason for my Dorothy-like obsession with red shoes. My budget won’t allow it now, but at some point in my life, I would like to own only red shoes.

Sorcha Kenny’s show My Life in Dresses runs as part of Absolut Fringe 2010 at Project Arts Centre from September 11 to 18. Absolut Fringe runs city-wide from September 11 to 26. Bookings & further info at www.fringefest.com or 1850 374 643. For more on Sorcha, check out www.sorchakenny.com.