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Favourite things: Singer/songwriter Eva Queen

1Coriander I love fresh herbs, and coriander really does it for me. There's something so fresh and lovely about it. But it makes me eat twice as much of whatever it's sprinkled on . . . I can't resist it.

2 Magnifying mirror I have a love-hate relationship with this mirror which magnifies everything by 12, meaning I know what's happening on my face, before anyone else does.

3 locket When I first started show-jumping, my son gave me a tiny piece of paper with the words 'Good luck Mum' written on it. I always carried it in my jodhpurs pocket, until my mum gave me this locket. It holds that piece of paper and a few other things which if I told you about, you'd think I was crazy.

4Claude, the cat My relationship with Claude is very uncomplicated. The perfect gentleman, he never scratches or hisses and he is incredibly loyal. All he wants to do is eat and sleep and he tends to follow me around the house.

5Chocolate biscuit cake This is not any old chocolate biscuit cake -- it's evil and totally addictive. When I make it, I usually eat half the mix before it goes into the tin and although it was suggested I freeze it -- to keep it out of reach -- this didn't work. In the night, I ended up taking it out of the freezer and eating it frozen, like a giant chocolatey iceburger. Yum.

6MUG Some people smoke, I drink tea -- up to 15 cups a day -- and I don't go anywhere without my packet of Pu-erh tea. Like a sigh of relief, it's a hug in a mug; relaxing and warming, it's good with food, or on its own. I've even been known to drink it on stage -- not very rock'n'roll, but it works for me.

7 Horse Meet Gus, who keeps me fit, drives me mad, listens to all my ups and downs, and usually causes half of them. Having a horse is an all-consuming passion; it's not like other sports that you do and then forget about. I have to look after Gus every day -- mucking out his stable, grooming him and feeding him. He eats everything from carrots and mints to ham sandwiches -- I've even had to wrestle car keys out of this mouth.

8Jacket When I was still in school, I bought this army blazer from a second-hand shop. At the time, I remember being very proud of myself because it was my first attempt at bartering -- I managed to get the price down from 10 to four quid. I still wear it, to gigs, festivals, parties, weddings . . .

9 Pillow I probably sound like a toddler with a comfort blanket, but this pillow is my constant companion. Like wearing comfortable footwear during the day, it's essential to put my head on something really cosy at the end of the day. And, when travelling, I have been known to throw clothes out of the suitcase, so that there is space for this pillow.

10Driving Doing mundane, mind-numbing and monotonous activities can unclutter your brain.

I find driving inspirational and once I'm away on my own, I get lots of song ideas. So much so, that my car has become quite the mobile studio.

EvaQueen plays Nighthawks at the Cobalt Cafe, North Great George's Street on Saturday March 6 and Kavanagh's, Portlaoise, on April 9. For more info, check out www.myspace.com/ evaqueenmusic