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Favourite things: Sarah Greene


Since I’ve moved out of home, my mum has become my best-friend. This ring was given to her when she was 21; and when I turned 21, she gave it to me. The necklace was my grandmother’s, but it’s too precious to wear. She died when I was only five.

Barry's tea

My Mum always says you can’t beat a cup of tea; and she’s dead right. It has to be strong, with just a dash of milk, and it has to be Barry’s — well, I am from Cork.

Black Vintage Boots

I was on tour in New York with Little Gem, when I spotted these slouchy boots in a vintage shop in Greenwich Village. As soon as I put my feet in them, I fell in love.

The Pepperpot Cafe

Although it has only been open three months; The Pepper Pot Cafe is one of my favourite spots to sit and relax in. They do lots of gluten-free and yeast-free foods — their roasted pear, bacon and cheese sandwich has to be tasted to be believed.

Vintage Grey Clutch

On the last Sunday of every month, I always pop along to the Dublin Flea Market, where you’re guaranteed to find lovely stuff, like this vintage grey clutch bag, which is so authentic, it was stuffed with newspaper from the 1980s.

30 Rock TV Series

This is the funniest thing; set behind the scenes in a TV show, the characters get up to some ridiculous stuff; but as an actress, I’d love to be in it.

Leather Jacket

My Godmother Jackie bought this in a Berlin thrift store for the equivalent of €5, back in the ’80s. She gave it to me when I was 14, but I thought it was hideous and banished it to my dressing up bag. Two years later, I took it out; and have been wearing it ever since.

Translations signed by Brian Friel

I was lucky enough to work for Ouroboros Theatre, who were asked to Paris to celebrate Brian Friel’s 80th birthday by staging scenes from six of his plays. Mine was a love scene from Translations, which was performed in the courtyard of the Irish College. Afterwards, the director asked Brian to sign this copy of the play for me.

Magic Concealer

It’s hard to find a good concealer, but this is definitely the best. I first used it working as a makeup artist on the Helena Rubinstein counter in Brown Thomas, Cork. Unfortunately, the brand’s no longer in Ireland or the UK, but whenever anyone’s going to Spain, I always get them to pick me up a couple of bottles.

Old iPod

My sister gave me this iPod for my 21st: it’s one of those old models, which despite being called ‘Mini’, is quite chunky. I doesn’t always work, but I like the element of surprise.

Sarah Greene stars in Phaedra, which runs at the Project Arts Centre from September 30 until October 10, as part of the Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival. For more info, check out dublintheatrefestival.com.