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Favourite things: Opera singer Imelda Drumm

1 Slow Cooker Being a working mum with two small girls, I really need my slow cooker. I love the fact that I can stick anything into it in the morning and, when I come home in the evening, it's cooked and ready to eat.

2 Scores I have hundreds of scores in my home, but a favourite has to be Mozart's Requiem, which I'll be performing at St Patrick's Cathedral in March in aid of the Coombe Women's Hospital. My late sister was a midwife there, and if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be singing today -- she snuck me up to Dublin for my first singing audition.

3 Romeo Et JulietTE DVD If you want to expose yourself to a little bit of culture, but don't fancy paying for expensive theatre tickets, then watching opera on DVD is a brilliant way of inviting the best of the best into your home. This opera's conductor, Sir Charles Mackerras, and many of the singers -- Roberto Alagna, Anna Maria Panzarella -- are mates, so it fills me with pride to see them singing in a production that I value.

4Mac When it comes to covering blemishes I always reach for my bottle of Studio Fix foundation by MAC. As I'm getting older, it continues to work miracles at improving the appearance of my face. I'm also a fan of MAC's eye-shadow palettes, which are absolutely divine.

5 Orchids I call my orchids perfection in a pot. I've been growing them for more than ten years and while my mother says I've a way with them, I think the secret is not to give them too much attention. I have them all around the house -- they give that little touch of class to any room.

6 Teddy Modern parents are so stressed with work and focused on getting from A to B that it's easy to forget to spend quality time with the little people in our lives. This teddy -- a present to me from Santa Claus -- reminds me to keep play time as part of my life and my kids'.

7 Picture Is it a horse? Or is it a unicorn? Some thing about this watercolour just drew me in, and I couldn't leave the gallery without it; even if it did cost me three weeks' salary. But it was worth it, because this picture has held pride of place in every house I've lived in since. In fact, I recently painted my hall blue, just to blend in better with the picture.

8Faux-fur coat Warmer than cashmere and cosier than leather, I invested in this faux-fur coat, because, in Ireland, it's always damp and chilly -- and the one thing I hate the most is being cold. Of course, it's not just great for insulation; wearing it also makes you feel very, very special.

9 The Secret It's nice to know that there are people out there rooting for you, and this book -- a gift from a special friend -- reminds me to keep thinking positive thoughts, even when my day isn't going well. There's too much negativity going on out there, and it's important to keep your mind open.

10Vintage Prada bag Why is it that the things you don't buy for yourself, you appreciate more. That's certainly the case with this vintage Prada bag, which I treasure not just because it's a beautiful thing, but because it reminds me of the friend who gave it to me.

Imelda Drumm sings in Opera Ireland's 2010 Spring Season production of Romeo et Juliette at the Gaiety Theatre from February 27 until March 7. Call 1890 67 37 27 www.operaireland.ie