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Favourite things: Muirne Bloomer


Meet "Basil", who I still haven’t managed to murder, despite having the ungreenest of fingers. His survival gives me such a sense of pride, and has encouraged me to grow more — herbs, rocket, and lettuce that tastes like mustard.


Motherhood changed my life completely; I’d been a dedicated dancer, and then along came this other person who was totally dependent on me. Although scary, it made me understand love, in a way that was mind-blowing. And this love just gets bigger over the years. Eoin was two when this was snapped, now eight, the wispy baby curls are gone, and he’s becoming a young man.


Don’t you just love Christmas traditions? On the eve of Christmas Eve, we all meet up in Davy Byrne’s, where I’m always on the lookout for my Jo Malone, which my mate John buys me every year. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a bottle myself, but it’s still my favourite perfume.


My father gave this to my mother when they were first married, and as a child it was something I was forever eyeing up! Years later, Mum gave it to me completely out of the blue. I now wear it all the time, not just because it’s silver and chunky, but also because it’s linked to my parents’ romantic past.


As kids, my father would not allow us to play pop music in the house; instead he’d take us to the opera, encouraging us in other cultural pursuits such as playing the piano. He never performed in public himself, but late at night you’d hear him play from this sheet music, the likes of Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin . . . it’s where I began loving classical music.


I was 16 and looking for something to wear to my debs, when my mother opened a drawer and took out this amazing silk gown, which had once belonged to my grandmother. It fitted perfectly, and from then on, it became mine. Wearing it is like revisiting a slice of family history.


This piece of art by Ken Bolger was made from the copper off the set of Coisceim’s production of The Rite of Spring, which has great resonance for me, since I performed in the ballet, even though I was pregnant at the time.


Despite looking like a Brillo pad, this is my real going-out handbag. Its eccentricity always makes me smile; especially on a night out, when the girls and I often feel compelled to wear it as a beard.


Not really a morning person, I certainly don’t bounce out of bed, but the thought of my coffee is what gets me up, and going. My espresso pot is a real family heirloom — it was a wedding present given to my grandparents.


My dad, an architect, was working on a project in Kuala Lumpur, when myself and the family visited him and took this amazing trip to Bali. We went up the mountains and into the jungle, where I bought this sculpture, which now acts as a reminder of that magical holiday, so full of adventure.

Muirne Bloomer performs in The Ballet Ruse, a lunchtime show running at Project Cube from this Thursday until September 18. Go to fringefest.com or call 1850 374 643.