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Favourite things: Martha Lynn

1 Hat One thing I learnt from working with Philip Treacy is that hats are all about making a frame for the face. This hat, which I made last year for the Galway races, is simple in design but makes a big impact. However, it will never overshadow the outfit. I base my designs on hats I would wear myself, taking inspiration from sources such as contemporary art and architecture and fusing them with historical references.

2 Sketchbook I don't go anywhere without my sketch book -- it's nothing fancy but it fits in any of my handbags, and is always at hand when I'm inspired by the outside world. Creative ideas come to me from the strangest of places.

3 Taytos They are just so delicious; what more can I say? I'm a Taytoholic.

4 Hat box Where old-world charm meets contemporary style. I love hat boxes. They're invaluable for keeping your hat free of dust and protected from damage, plus they look so cool and funky. This striped leather hat box -- a present from my sister -- is a real eye-catcher.

5 Sculpture I did this for my degree in fine art at college. At the time, I was specialising in sculpture but was introduced to millinery by Aileen Keogan -- a fantastic teacher and an inspiration. The only difference between designing a piece of sculpture and a hat is size and weight. A lot of my hats have sculptural features.

6 Books One of my favourite ways to spend a day is getting lost in a book store, browsing from section to section. You can never have too many books on your shelves. They're a constant source of ideas and motivation.

7 Umbrella It's important to protect your hat from the rain, so I never leave the house without a brolly, whatever shape, size or colour it is. They're not only functional; they can be a great looking accessory. This beautiful red one, from Avoca, has an amazing shape when open.

8 Red lip pencil and LIPSTICK This is the one thing that you'll always find in my handbag.

An essential item, you can totally transform any outfit with some red lipstick -- every girl should have at least one.

9 Coffee It must be something I got from my mum, but I like my coffee to be extra hot.

I found this great mug with an even better lid that keeps things hot and spill-proof.

I'm always on the move, going to and from my studio and meeting friends, so it's the ideal take-away cup, but it will last a lifetime.

10Shoes A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes. I was searching high and low for the perfect pair to match an outfit for a friend's wedding, when I found myself in a chic boutique shoe shop on Drury Street. While there I came across these beautiful, extremely high-heeled blue suede shoes. Of course they didn't match my outfit, but I had to buy them anyway.

Milliner Martha Lynn is just back from working with Philip Treacy and Stephen Jones in London. During fashion week, she worked on hats for both Valentino and Galliano. For more information on her delightful designs, check out www.marthalynn millinery.com