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Favourite things: Leah O’Reilly

Model turned online jeweller and accessories designer Leah O’Reilly, rocks it with a sparkly selection of glam gunas, fantasy football, and bling bags.

1 Jovani Dress I wore this Jovani dress in the final of Miss Universe Ireland. Whenever I see it, it brings back so many memories. I ordered it online from New York and I remember praying that it would fit and, thank God, it did.

I hope I get another excuse to wear it.

2 Soccer match ticket I'm not a big football fan but my boyfriend plays for Shamrock Rovers and so this ticket for their match against Real Madrid in Tallaght Stadium really means something to me. Although, I must admit, I was a really bad girlfriend thinking Rovers would be hammered, but they showed how wrong I was.

3Heart-shaped crystal clutch This crystal clutch is from www.crystalsandco.com, the website my friend Emily MacKeogh and I set up. We design and source products that we would want ourselves and, because we're total magpies, the theme of our range is crystals and sparkles. Our office is like every girl's dream -- there is bling everywhere.

4Paints I love to paint, and the last painting I did was for my friend's nursery. She wanted a fairytale theme. The hardest part was starting because the walls were so perfect and white, but it was great to see the room transform into a little baby wonderland.

5Worry Dolls The Maya Indians tell these dolls their worries and then put them under their pillow at night; by the morning, their worries have disappeared. I love myths and keep my worry dolls by my bed.

6The Notebook I love soppy, romantic DVDs and The Notebook has to be one of the best. I recently moved in with my boyfriend and it was a battle to get it included in the DVD cabinet, but it's there and it's staying there too.

7The Secret My friend was telling me for ages how amazing this book was so I gave in and got it. I was a bit apprehensive at the start because it seemed a bit airy fairy, but now think everyone should read it. It tells you how to to get the life you want.

8Muhammad Ali photo This photo is my favourite picture ever. It is my little sister Ashleigh and her boyfriend Hussain meeting their idol Muhammad Ali in Louisville last year. It was the last day of their trip and they went to the Muhammad Ali memorial centre and he was there. My sister said he was one of the nicest people she ever met.

9Kelly's Mug When I think holidays, I think of Kelly's Resort Hotel in Rosslare. I've been going there with my family for the same week in August since I was a baby. It is an amazing hotel that holds thousands of fantastic childhood, teen and adult memories. The best thing about it is the same people go back every year and it's like a little family down there now, with all the generations together. I am looking forward to this year's trip already

10Shoes Ever since I was a child I have loved shoes; they are like accessories for the feet. I knew my obsession had got to a bad stage when I left these new shoes in the back of the car so my mom and boyfriend couldn't make me feel guilty for spending money on them.

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