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Favourite things: Kate Moylan

Artist and model turned assistant stage manager, Kate Moylan knows how to steal the show with her dramatic collection of jiggy snaps, glove stories and city sax

1 Snow globe I bought this as a prop for a show, but it was never used and, rather than return it, I kept it for myself. Why? Because my albino bunny Dwight really liked it. I no longer have Dwight -- he's living with another family -- and now, this snow-globe reminds me of him.

2 Award Despite doing the worst audition ever, I landed a summer job working in the Edinburgh Dungeons. Since I had never acted before, and couldn't do a Scottish accent, I was often cast as Cursing Kate, visiting from Ireland. I must have been good, because they gave me this Best Newcomer award.

3 Dress up Whether it's for Hallowe'en, or for the weekend, I love to dress up. Okay, so I wouldn't go to the pub plastered in blood, but I'll still over-dress, no matter where I'm going. This may make me look silly, but I don't care. I do it for myself, rather than anyone else.

4 Wigs I'm a bit of a style chameleon and love changing the colour of my hair. But since I became a model with Morgan, I haven't been allowed to touch it. So, I've started wearing wigs and a favourite is this human-hair wig, which I bought for €160 on eBay -- a bargain as they can cost up to €1,000.

5 Snare drum The drums are another instrument that I was able to take to quite fast, but I just don't have the time to play them any more. So, I donated this snare drum to the Shawshank production. When the run closed, I got all the cast to sign it and the result is this lovely memento.

6 Complete works of Shakespeare When I was in school I loved English, and in particular Shakespeare. However, it's one thing to read the plays and another to see them performed -- take Hamlet, you never realise how funny and brilliant he is until you see him in action.

7 Saxophone During the rehearsals for the stage production of the Shawshank Redemption, Reg Cathey -- whose character, Red, played the instrument in the show -- taught me how to play the sax. I took to it straight away, hitting notes that usually take weeks to perfect. I was so proud of myself that my parents bought me this for Christmas.

8 Picture When I was younger, I modelled the Irish dancing costumes that my mum designed. Years later, in an exploration of raunch culture for art college, I souped up the Irish dancing costume and modelled my creation. My Mum framed the two opposing images and gave them to me for my birthday

9 Boxing gloves My personal trainer introduced me to boxing and, surprisingly, I really liked it: it's a great way to get all your frustrations out. But I'm no Katie Taylor -- I don't think I could ever actually fight someone in the ring.

10 Jackets I just love the old-world glamour of the faux-fur jacket; wearing one makes you feel a bit like a Hollywood film star. And as you can see, I've quite a collection. I didn't go out to buy any of these but stumbled across them in Parisian vintage stores, TK Maxx and friends' closets.

Kate Moylan, model and artist, is assistant stage manager for Second Age Theatre Company's latest production of Hamlet, directed by Alan Stanford. It runs at the Helix, Dublin from today until March 19 and then moves to Cork. Call 01 679 8542 or see www.secondage.com