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Favourite things: Comedian Eleanor Tiernan

1 The Sopranos With consistently brilliant dialogue and a perfect cast The Sopranos got everything right; especially the characters, who are my favourite kind; not likeable, but extremely watchable. I remember watching the sixth series, when Tony and Carmella bought the spoilt AJ a Porsche, and thinking: "I really don't like you people."

2Second-hand shops It's a bit cliched, I know, but I'm a big fan of the second-hand shops around Dublin. You can walk from the bottom of George's Street right up to Rathgar Road and hit about 15 of them. There's great value to be had. I recently bought this blue coffee pot, which I use as a vase, for €1.

3The Pixies I first heard them when I was in secondary school. My friend Kathryn had older brothers in UCD, and one of them gave her a cassette tape with the album Doolittle on it. At first I thought: 'But the lyrics don't make sense!' Now, their utter disregard for reason and logic, is why I like them.

4New York As Alicia Keys would say, "concrete jungle where dreams are made of . . . the lights will inspire you."

5Dorothy Parker Dorothy Parker was a poet, writer and satirist in New York in the early 20th century. A rebel, famed for her witticisms, Dorothy first came to the world's attention while writing theatre reviews for Vanity Fair. However, it is for her unsentimental view of romantic love that she is best remembered.

6 Vernon God Little If a book is not both a page-turner and honestly written, then I lose interest quickly. Vernon God Little is both these things and more. I can remember crying out with relief when the plot was finally resolved.

7Flying Ducks I normally try not to spend money on useless tat but, a month ago, I bought this family of porcelain flying ducks online. They are now on my wall, looking like they're trying to fly out the window. I'm convinced these are not a waste of money; at the very least, I certainly enjoy looking at them.

8Red shoes I do stand-up comedy and comfortable shoes are a must. I usually wear flat shoes because I am not great at heights at the best of times. And when I am up on stage with all that adrenaline running around, I am terrified I'll fall down on top of the front row. Most people who come to comedy are afraid of the comedian making fun of them; I wonder if anyone ever considers that they should be afraid of a large West of Ireland woman landing in their laps!

9Framed Quote This is a wall hanging I made. The quote was a line I had thought about using in stand-up but it's nicer in this context.

I'll probably give it to my friend Jean.

10Stephen Sondheim Composer, lyricist and New Yorker, Stephen Sondheim is the anti-Lloyd-Webber. It's a common perception that musical theatre can be one-dimensional and cliched. However, Sondheim's work -- including Sweeney Todd and Follies -- challenges this stereotype; I got to play a part in Follies once and had the privilege of belting out I'm Still Here in the O'Reilly Theatre for a week.

Eleanor Tiernan is appearing at the St Patrick's Day Irish Comedy Gala, at the Magners International Glasgow Comedy Festival tomorrow at 8.30pm. Call 00 44 870 600 6055 for tickets. For info on Glasgow and accommodation offers, see www.visitscotland.com/ whiteinvite