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Favourite things: Ciara McGillian

Dancing costume Costumes have a big role to play in Riverdance; each one is sophisticated, highly detailed, and designed to complement the music. That said, whenever I see this little purple number, I always get nervous, because wearing it means you're about to step up and take the lead.

Ugg boots Like slippers that you can wear all day long, I practically live in my Uggs, especially on travel days, when I could be on the move for up to 22 hours. Thanks to these boots, no matter how freezing the tour bus gets, my feet are always nice and warm.

Irish dancing shoes Irish dancers tend to get quite attached to the shoes we dance in; and although these ones are pretty new, they are already very special to me because I danced my first ever lead role in them. They'll never be thrown out -- perhaps I'll get them bronzed.

Tiffany ring My boyfriend, who's also an Irish dancer, was away on tour for my 21st birthday and couldn't make it back for the party. In his place, he sent this Tiffany ring. I never dreamt he'd get me something so expensive, but was delighted that he did.

Skipping rope Why pay gym membership fees, when you can pick up a €5 skipping rope? Skipping is my favourite way to keep fit; it works your arms, legs and tummy, and you can do it anywhere and at any time. It's also quite addictive -- give it a try.

Pandora bracelet Just before I went on stage to dance my first lead role, the Riverdance troupe (and my boyfriend) presented me with this beautiful Pandora bracelet. Then throughout the day members of the cast came to me with different charms.

Picture When we got together, more than three years ago, I never imagined that myself and my boyfriend would get to dance the leads together in Riverdance, but we did. And we were told that we had great chemistry on stage. But then, it's quite easy to dance with someone you're so close to.

Jodi Picoult book Whether it's one of the Twlight books or anything by Dan Brown, I'm a big fan of reading, especially in airports and on buses, and I always look forward to my next big read. A friend has just given me House Rules by Jodi Picoult, which I can't wait to start.

Starbucks coffee No matter what city we arrive in on tour, I ask the same question: where's the nearest Starbucks? I'm addicted to their coffees; having one a day is the perfect little pick-me-up. I always order a tall latte.

Ralph Lauren perfume When I was 16, and getting into make-up, my mum bought me a bottle of Ralph Lauren perfume, which has been my signature scent ever since. It's quite summery and as soon as you splash it on, it really wakes you up -- perfect for a night out with the girls.

Ciara McGillian appears in Riverdance, which is currently running at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin until August 28 and then touring to Millennium Forum, Derry; INEC, Killarney; and Royal Theatre Castlebar