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Favourite things: Celine Byrne

Piano There are three places I love the most: my kitchen, my bedroom and my music room, where I spend most of my time when I'm at home. In it is a Kawabi baby grand, which took me a year to pay for, but it was worth it. It's an investment which eventually I'll give to my daughter, and she'll then, hopefully, give it to her daughter -- inspiring future generations to take up music.

Picture of my family I love my job, but it doesn't define me; it's my children and my family who are the most important things in my life. This picture was taken recently at my daughter's first communion. I had an opera performance the day before, but I travelled 13 hours through the night to get home. It was worth it, just to see the smile on my daughter's face.

Blackberry Where would we be without modern technology? I love my BlackBerry, especially as my emails arrive like SMS. I tried the iPhone, but the touch screen tormented me especially since I've long nails. However, I don't miss out on the apps as I have an iPod and soon I'll get the iPad.

Moulin Rouge I love this movie and the soundtrack. Come What May is 'our' song (my husband and I). He played it at the restaurant when he proposed and we sang it to each other on our wedding day. Aah . . .

My Opera collection I have compiled a CD collection of some of the best operas and opera singers. I love listening to my recording of Pavarotti, Domingo, Carreras, as do my children.

Samsonite Luggage I remember going to Russia and walking around St Petersburg, pulling my old case behind me. By the time I arrived at the hotel my back was killing me. I promised myself that I'd buy some good Samsonite luggage. Now, with this four-wheeled spinner case, I no longer have to drag my suitcase behind me!

Newbridge silver Newbridge always has beautiful jewellery to suit any occasion. Being on stage, it's a must to wear something glitzy and glamorous and their vintage collection is particularly exquisite. People always comment on it when I'm abroad, and it makes me very proud to say my jewellery is by an Irish company.

Candles Relaxing and romantic, I love candles lit in the bathroom with a nice hot bubble bath. Don't tell anyone, but I always bring a candle with me when travelling, so the hotel can at least smell like home.

The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook I love baking. I find it very therapeutic and enjoy cooking with the kids and trying new things. Our specialities are hazelnut and chocolate cupcakes.

Gold medals My medals are my prized possessions. I have one from college; a Margaret Burke-Sheridan gold medal that I received last year in Dublin Castle from the Lord Mayor in recognition of my contribution to the arts; and the Maria Callas Grand Prix Gold medal that I won in 2007 in the International singing competition.

Soprano Celine Byrne is performing at the Summer Festival of Opera which hosts two opera concerts on Sunday, July 11 and Sunday, July 18, 3pm-6pm at the Orangery, Killruddery House, Bray, Co Wicklow. For bookings call 01 415 0445. For more information on Celine and her upcoming album, check out www.celinebyrne.com