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Favourite things: Carrie Ann Moran

Marilyn Monroe Screen My partner bought me this as a Valentine's gift. As well as looking fantastic in my house it also doubles as a mobile dressing room which I bring along to photo-shoots and fashion events so that models and clients can change behind it.

Pink shoes With more than 20 pairs and counting, I have a serious addiction to Irregular Choice's out-there shoes. These are my latest purchase. They're like little pieces of magic transforming simple outfits into something stunning.

Sustainable fashion and textiles book I'm a serious bookworm and my collection ranges from Shakespeare to high fashion and everything in between. But this is the one book that reflects me the most; being an eco designer, I think it's important that consumers educate themselves on what's happening out there in the fashion industry.

Zandra Rhodes For her flamboyant use of colour, Zandra Rhodes is one of my favourite designers and I couldn't believe it when she brought out a homewear range. When I spotted these cushions reduced from £45 to £3 -- we're talking pounds that's how long I've had them -- I grabbed them. Today, they hold pride of place in my home studio.

Ring When I was a young designer working in Cow's Lane Market, jewellery designer Clare Grennan had a stall beside me. I loved her pieces so much that my parents commissioned her to design this ring for me as a Christmas present. I wear it every day -- despite its size, it's very comfortable -- and am forever getting stopped, and asked about it.

Vinyl record I love music from the '60s, and the Small Faces are one of my favourite bands from this era. For their time, they were young, loud, and different. They also influenced the likes of Paul Weller and Oasis.

Record player You can't collect vinyl without having a fantastic record player, and this is just one of many I have dotted around my house, so no matter where I am, I can listen to my records. Not only does it play vinyl, it's also a CD player and radio, plus it's pink . . . my favourite colour.

Dress One of the first designs I created for Rediscover Fashion, this dress reminds me so much of my early days with the label, and how much the initiative has grown. The dress will also be one of the items stocked in the Rediscovery Centre's Eco Store, which is soon opening in Ballymun.

Sewing machine This vintage sewing machine is where it all began; I picked it up in a market a long time ago and while I've since moved on to using more technological machines, it's a lovely piece to have sitting on my desk, representing my love of design and style.

Love pig iDock Music is a big influence in my life, and I collect musical memorabilia -- vintage and modern. So, when we did up the house, instead of getting a normal iDock, my partner bought me this Love Pig -- it's a limited edition, and I love it.

Carrie Ann Moran is fashion director at Rediscover Fashion, a fashion initiative which produces a 100pc recycled clothing line which is sold online, at fashion shows and environmental events. A shop will also open shortly in Ballymun. For more information, check out www.rediscoverycentre.ie