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Favourite things: Aoife Coghlan

Foot Stool This was a birthday present from my brother. It's a modern piece designed by Miranda Groen from the Netherlands, but the groovy fabric is from the '70s, which was a great decade.

Homegrown Strawberry I moved into my dream house this year and a huge pull factor was the garden. My wonderful housemate and I planted these juicy strawberries and lots more . . . I love cooking, and when you can pick something from your garden and have it on your plate in minutes, it's just magic!

Books Beckett -- you either love him or hate him; but for me it's love. He was forward thinking and he shook things up with the status quo. As for Charles Bukowski; I've written poetry since I was a nipper, and he's one of my favourites from the Beat generation.

Bike Christened Black Pudding -- being such a foodie -- I rarely leave the house without it.

Letter from Daniel Day-Lewis Letters are brilliant, personal things. And I wrote lots of them, while fundraising for our graduation play in acting school, to lots of people -- one of them being Daniel Day-Lewis, one of my favourite actors. To my surprise, he took the time to write back . . . I didn't get a penny, but I got something, which to me is priceless.

Granny's tea cosy After my granny died, I asked my dad if I could have this tea cosy which was hanging on her wall, and it's been on my teapot ever since. I like to think about all the conversations that would have happened around the tea warmed by this cosy . . .

1960s Chair: Before I went into acting, I was an archaeologist. One of my excavations was beside an old farmhouse, and Patsy, the farmer, kindly gave me this 1960s leather armchair which I spotted in a dark corner of the cowshed! He told me it was cursed: "When you sit in it, you can't get out of it!"

Buttons If I see something in a clothes shop with large buttons, I'll have to have it! It's a strange obsession, but buttons are one of the best things for 'altering' pieces of clothing and even bags.

Tea Cups Yes, I probably will be an old lady with an Aladdin's cave of curious tea paraphernalia. This cup and matching saucer were part of a set my parents got for their wedding.

Photo of my brother and I My brother Richard and I are not only very close in age, we're also close friends who had quite an idyllic childhood growing up on a farm in Kilkenny.

Aoife Coghlan stars in OCI Productions' latest play Bondi Beach Boy Blue, which runs at Wexford Opera House until August 7, and tours to Tivoli Theatre, Dublin, from August 10 to September 4. For bookings contact Wexford Opera House on 053 912 2144 and the Tivoli Theatre on 01 454 4472 or go to tivoli.ie