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Favourite things: Actress Maude Fahy

1 Vintage bag I'm not really a 'bag girl' but, I always come back to this old favourite. Found by my mum in a charity shop, it's special because she gave it to me, and because it's got a real 70s vibe. You won't see anyone else with a bag like this.

2Led Zeppelin I'm not a fan of pop music, when it comes to listening choices, I've always been drawn to harder, edgier rock. I love these guys because of their distinct sound and the lead singer's amazingly crazy voice. My favourite Zeppelin classic is Nobody's Fault But Mine, for its guitar riffs.

3Woman Who Run with the Wolves Using fairy tales to answer many of life's questions, Women Who Run with Wolves, is a powerful book that I dip in and out of. A favourite tale is that of Bluebeard; read between the lines and it's all about listening to your instincts and not being fooled . . .

4 Edward Scissorhands This is my favourite movie, but, then again, I love everything Tim Burton does. It's not just the look of his films -- all that gothic darkness -- but also his characters. If I could be any Burton character I'd have to be Catwoman . . . no, Beetlejuice.

5 Rings My favourite piece of jewellery, rings are something I buy for myself, usually to mark something special that's happened in my life. As a result, every ring tells a story. My favourite ring store is New Moon in George's Street Arcade -- they have designs that don't cost thousands, but feature nice gems, such as amber, jade and amethysts.

6 Evil eye bracelet Last summer, I wanted to go somewhere hot and so my sister and I booked a trip Turkey, just for the guaranteed sunshine. I never imagined I'd like the country as much as I did; there was just so much to see and do. No matter where you went, you couldn't escape the evil eye, which is supposed to protect you against jealousy and negative vibes. Does this evil eye bracelet work? Hmm, when you're wearing it, you do feel more positive.

7 Coffee Perfect with milk and sugar, a cup of coffee, for me, is one of life's little treats. And whether it's at home or in a cafe, I take my coffee strong and tarry; you know the kind that gives you a little jolt.

That said, I try not to drink too much of it, just one or two cups a day.

8Horse riding hat When I was younger, I spent all of my time hanging out with horses. I had my own pony, which was very hard work. This old riding hat reminds me of all the happy times I had with this pony -- whose name I won't reveal, because it was the cheesiest thing ever.

9 Hats It's not easy to find a hat that suits you, so when I see one that I like it's hard to resist buying it. Over the years I've built quite a collection including a pastel-striped silk hat that I wore for my 21st birthday; a massive black one that I found in a second-hand shop and this old Irish grandfather tweed cap that really tops off any outfit.

10 Notebooks I have quite a selection of notebooks in which I jot down all manner of random things: a poem, a quote, a saying. If I come across anything that is inspiring or just well-put, I have to write it down, so I don't forget it.

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