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European Crime Writers

American crime used to be king but Europe is producing all of the best material these days. Here's some of the best:


At last count there were seven people -- globally -- who hadn't heard of Stieg Larsson's crime trilogy. Director David Fincher is currently making a Hollywood adaptation of the first book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, starring Daniel Craig.


A low-key Danish crime series that has been winning favourable comparisons to The Wire. Sarah Lund is a homicide cop and each episode follows the first 24 hours of a murder investigation.


What's there to say about Henning Mankell's legendarily morose police inspector Wallander? Kenneth Branagh (inset) has won much acclaim for his role as the perpetually glum Swedish copperwhose grim cases are matched only by the state of his domestic circumstances.


Another series that's won Wire-esque praise, Spiral is a Paris-based procedural drama which has a cult following. Brilliant.