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Drew's honesty about juggling work and love life hits a chord

I've always been a Drew Barrymore fan. A child star and part of the Barrymore acting dynasty, her role in ET the Extra-Terrestrial made her a household name in her own right.

Plus, her well-documented battle with substance abuse from a very young age meant that she had to grow up quick -- the choice was car-crash territory versus a stellar Hollywood career. Thankfully, she chose the latter, and these days she produces, directs and acts.

I think the reason why ordinary women such as myself warm to Drew is that she has always been very honest about her weaknesses and struggles, without looking like a reality TV participant.

Drew gives just the right amount of information about her personal life; enough of herself so that you know she has blood flowing through her veins and the rest is none of our business.

Her recent admission that she finds the balance between her work and her romantic relationships a tricky thing to figure out struck a chord with me.

There's six months between us in age and I, too, agree with Drew's statement: "I love what I do so much and the idea of having to give it up for a relationship is terrifying. I also think it's unhealthy to give up your whole life for someone, and put all your hopes and happiness on them. I think a lot of women are struggling with that."

I'm not the settling down kinda girl. When I look at my life from a removed perspective, I can't visualise "having it all" -- the home, the job, the kids and the guy. And then, of course, I see the pleasure that my folks get from their offspring and realise that being a career control freak may not be all it's cracked up to be. A tricky conundrum . . .

Should an independent female such as myself let go of my ordered life, throw the dice and gamble on my personal life satisfying me?

In an ideal world, I should be able to have both, but I've seen the sacrifices close female friends have made for their families, and I simply can't visualise toddlers crawling around my home after a long day at work.

One of my best pals always says: "Never say never." Then again, he's a man.