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Ditch the diet, girls with curves are making a comeback

Rubenesque is officially back in fashion. As reported in yesterday's Herald, singer Beyonce has been chosen as the celebrity with the best body by women.

And now for the 'but(t)'. Men voted for the more svelte Megan Fox.

To be frank, any man would more than likely be happy to be hooked up with either of these beauties and any woman would be delighted to look like them. And interestingly, super-skinny Victoria Beckham didn't even get a nod in this poll of 2,000 people. Sigh.

What's fascinating about the results of the survey is that it has been released at a time when size-16 model Crystal Renn is also blazing a trail for gals with sexy curves.

We've all read the worrying statistics about increased levels of obesity in recent years and, while no educated and informed adult would advocate any person becoming a weight that is a danger to their health, there is something so immensely refreshing about the Herald's report.

My own boyfriend recently told me to make damn sure I don't lose any more weight and that "normal men do not fancy women who are the wrong side of skinny". I've been pounding the pavements for some time now to get back to my fighting-fit weight having porked up after quitting smoking.

At the end of the day it's different strokes for different folks.

In my previous life, as an editor of a glossy women's magazine, I did often wonder if the world would ever catch up and realise that unrealistically skinny images of women are not attractive.

While working on that particular title I refused to print any diet features as our target audience was 18 to 25-year-old women who need to be reassured that they are entirely lovely the way they are.

My publisher (a feisty female, like myself) supported this endeavour wholeheartedly.

Anyway, I'm not quite ancient enough to have mega-wisdom but I do know this from my own life experience: the tide always turns; the sun always rises and Crystal Renn is a cracking- looking bird.