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Diary of an aspiring chick lit author: Who needs a title when you have a cute cover

Orla had back-to-back appointments yesterday at Healing Hands, so I spent the whole morning while she was busy, editing what I've written so far and reworking the synopsis of my novel-in-progress.

Here's the plot so far: Aine, the heroine, has moved back from Dublin to Cavan to look after her father, who has cancer. But she misses her old life in the big smoke. Then she runs into Aidan, an old school friend, in the local shop and they rekindle their friendship over the next few weeks, going for walks around the local lakesides, cooking dinner and going to the cinema.

When Simon, Aine's businessman ex from Dublin pays her a visit, she realises that she'll have to make a choice . . . is it time to leave her city life behind forever?

And before you ask, yes, Aidan and Simon are a homage to Aidan and Mr Big from Sex and the City -- my Aidan is also a carpenter and is fond of the bucolic life, while Simon works in the IFSC doing something mysterious that I don't fully understand.

I'd better ask my friend Dave to explain his job as a something trader to me, so I can put in some authentic detail about the world of high finance.

Anyway, this is my way of working through the trauma from when Carrie chose Big over Aidan -- I was absolutely heartbroken.


So, yes, you've guessed it, my Carrie -- Aine -- chooses Aidan, the nice guy, over the self-important city type. Hurrah! I've read that the SATC Aidan shows up in the new movie and I'm hoping against hope that Carrie runs off with him. I've been trying to think of a title for the book, because at the moment I don't have one and that doesn't look great when you're approaching publishers and agents.

And in Roddy Doyle's rules for writers in the Guardian recently, his rule number four was: "Do give the work a name as quickly as possible. Own it, and see it."

But I can't think of anything at all. Most chick-lit names are really bland and have irritating puns, so I want something simple that will stand out.

I had a read of the opening sentences to see if I'd get an idea that way: "Aine surveyed the shoes she'd amassed since she left college and wondered if she'd ever own a pair of Jimmy Choos. Probably not, now. Between her mortgage and her father's medical bills, she was pretty strapped cash-wise. And would she have anywhere to wear them in Cavan?"

I can't think of a title but -- and I know I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, thinking about it being published -- I can see the cover art now: a welly beside a dainty kitten heel. Hopefully, the title will come to me.

Anyway, I emailed my first three chapters and synopsis around to the others in the writers' group ahead of the next meeting.

I'm soooo nervous!