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Courteney should ditch this boy and find herself a grown-up man

A boyish quality can be attractive in a grown man, provided he is a protector of his nearest and dearest and steps up to the plate when the time comes, leaving his boyish qualities in reserve for only very special occasions.

And let's face it, women like minding and even spoiling our men from time to time. But, as nature dictates, in successful relationships it works both ways.

Sadly, since the break-up of his marriage, Hollywood actor David Arquette is beginning to appear more and more infantile as time goes on, and a lot less attractive for it.

His beautiful and far more accomplished wife Courteney Cox appears to have over-compensated for his immaturity by not only minding him like a mammy but also being the main earner in their family. There's nothing wrong with a woman being more successful than her man on the job front, provided there is an overall sense of balance within the relationship.

Pictures of a drunken David taken just days before he checked into rehab for 'alcohol and other issues' months after his marriage split show he is not coping well without the support of his more famous wife. It's easy to understand how one would react in a self-destructive fashion to such a massive life change.

But what I can't forget as we all witness his car-crash behaviour are the comments he made to shock jock radio DJ Howard Stern.

Following the break up, Arquette told Stern that he and Cox had not had sex for four months, adding that he cheated on Cox with a waitress and saying it made him feel 'pretty manly'.

He later tweeted: "I'm a good person with a huge heart. I thank those that have been on my side during this rough time."

Well here's a news flash, it can't have been easy for his wife either, yet she managed to keep it together and only offered one dignified interview in which she says that in her mind the split may only be temporary.

It seems it's about time Courtney treated herself to a relationship with a proper grown-up man.

> Dee O'Keeffe