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Cheryl Cole and Lindsay Lohan: 5 things people are talking about this week

1RING SAGA Cheryl Cole posted on her publicist's Twitter page that she was not playing a "silly game" with Ashley Cole by not wearing her wedding ring, saying he was "fully aware" of the situation in their private life.

2SEA CHANGE Chloe Sevigny had said that she thought the last season of her hit show Big Love was "awful". However, in a new interview she said her comments were taken out of context and she loves the show and respects and admires everyone involved.

3END OF THE RUN Kiefer Sutherland's long-running 24 will finish after this season and MTV's The Hills, starring Heidi Montag, is also ending.

4FRIENDS INDEED When TV host David Letterman asked Jennifer Aniston about her Friends co star's David Schwimmer's impending wedding to Zoe Buckerman, she replied that she had "no idea" who Schwimmer is to wed.

5HEALTH WORRIES Lindsay Lohan has insisted she's "healthy" after a number of reports said someone close to her is worried about her safety and alleged substance abuse.