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Check out this range of products for silky smooth skin

If you're going to be pale and interesting, it's best to have silky smooth skin to compensate for the lack of bronze glow.

There are all sorts of different scents and textures going on this week, and at least one of them is a definite keeper.

LUSH Dream Cream, €16.95 HHHHI This smells great, and it feels like you are covering your body with silk. I find the pot annoying to negotiate, but otherwise, this looks, smells and feels fantastic.

GREEN ANGEL Seaweed Body Lotion, €14.95, HHHII This is very thin -- but then, it's a lotion, not a cream. Since it is on the light side, it does absorb quickly, which is good and the coverage is excellent. But I didn't feel that I got the same deep moisturising that I got with other products in this category.

TRILOGY Body Care: Ultra Hydrating Body Cream, € 19.95 HHHHI This is completely hydrating, and if you look at the 150ml tube and think 'Hmm, stingy', you would be incorrect, because the product is highly concentrated. The signature Trilogy rosy scent is quite nice. The only thing I would say is that it takes that bit longer to absorb, so plan accordingly.

THE BODY SHOP Vanilla Body Butter Duo, €17.95 HHIII As it says on the tin, this does two things: one half of the duo tends to the normal sections of your skin, and the other is for the dry bits. If you are a balanced bod, then you will use both up in tandem. Me, I'm not as dry as I might have thought, and felt like the leftovers on the one side were a bit of a waste.

NUXE Body: Fondant Firming Cream with Almond and Orange Flower Petals, €39 HHHHH I think that says it all: this is glorious and luxurious. The scent is incredible, the texture almost sinful, and the coverage is amazing. You won't need scent when you use this, as the subtle yet strong fragrance will last all day, although if there was an eau de parfum to accompany this, then we'd be looking at 10 stars.