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Bookend: Becoming Scarlett


Scarlett O'Hara, no less. The daughter of retired actor (resting, dahling) Declan O'Hara, heartthrob of ladies of a certain age is staring in horror at the blue stick of a pregnancy test.

She doesn't want a baby?

She's all on her owney-o, after her beloved -- plain-speaking John Smith -- left her, the rat. And, as it rapidly transpires, she's not absolutely sure who's the father-to-be of the sprog-to-be.

Ouch! How so?

She had a little pity party, during which she was comprehensively pitied by . . .

Don't tell me: Rhett Butler?

Close. Daniel Butler, universally known as Red for his flaming hair. And he is soon to meet Scarlett again under circumstances embarrassing enough to make both of them live up to their names.

Who wrote it?

Dubliner Ciara Geraghty, rumoured to have a six-figure deal with Hachette for two books, Saving Grace (her first, about a girl who falls for the office geek) and Becoming Scarlett.

How does this Scarlett make a living?

A popular job in chicklit: she's a wedding planner. Now working on the 'Smithson-Carling wedding'. High-end. Martello towers. And she's in line for promotion.

All going well, then?

Hmm, not quite. The boss's lover is also in line for that promotion. So organised organiser Scarlett, determined not to have her five-year plan thrown out of synch, heads for the abortion boat.

Not! In a chicky book?

When she faints at the airport, disaster strikes . . . but I won't spoil it for you.

Worth it, then?

Quirky characters heartrending turnarounds, and an ending that's far from traditional.