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Axed beauties have only their narcissistic selves to thank

While I have little sympathy for any of the members who were 'axed' from the social networking site for 'beautiful people', I have to admit that I found the whole story terribly amusing. Anyone stupid enough to enroll themselves in such a vapid venture kind of has it coming to them.

But it was still mean to kick out 5,000 members for piling on a few pounds over the Christmas period. Like, who doesn't do the 'see food, eat food' routine during that time of year?

Nevertheless, Beautifulpeople.com has a strict ban on 'ugly people' and their so called 'vigilant members' called for some drastic action after users posted pictures of themselves taken throughout the Christmas period, revealing that they had eaten too many mince pies.

The 'fatties' now have to reapply for membership. And let's face it, if they were stupid enough to go there the first time they will, more than likely, want back in.

Personally speaking, I'm not into joining any kind of organisation, I'm more of the lone ranger sort. But what I do understand is the fact that most of us, even us non-beautiful specimens, have to work pretty damn hard to keep in shape.

Both times that I quit smoking I piled on the pounds --and subsequently pounded the pavements in order to lose 'the weight'. But apart from Mamma and Pops O'Keeffe doing me a big favour by giving me a gentle reminder that it wasn't such a good look on me, nobody made any comments at all about me porking up. I wasn't massive by any stretch of the imagination, but I was most definitely forced to hold my tummy in 24/7.

To be honest, if I looked like Nigella Lawson (right) I probably wouldn't have bothered trying to get all slim again -- but I have a chubby little face (which I am convinced will see me through old age and wrinkles pretty well) that doesn't suit weight gain.

What strikes me most about this dumb-ass site is that the so-called beautiful people are actually incredibly ugly, simply because they chose to join up in the first place.

For me, I care what my folks, my bro and my Auntie Babs reckon about me and how I act and treat others, and I do appreciate them wanting me to look my best.

And that's what should matter to the average soul. Not what thousands of similarly narcissistic strangers, who you've never met, think of you.

This site is a joke with no punchline -- it should be renamed Ihavenoconfidence.com.