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At work and play: The call of the sun is a great motivator

Dieting is never far from the news. This past week we have been subjected to 'shocking' images of Nadine Coyle's toothpick legs, Wag Alex Curran pictured gripping a jar of diet pills, and the latest in Kirstie Alley's yo-yo affair with food.

I react to these pictures; it's hard not to admire Charlotte Church's new slender shape or feel pangs of pity for the ex-EastEnders girl, photographed every time she sits outside a cafe.

I might remark on celebs' weight over a crumpled magazine with my hairdresser, but their diet wars have little impact on my own body image. I'm not without my insecurities but I find myself increasingly immune to what other women look like. I constantly make promises to myself to tone up but, for the most part, I'm content with my shape, focusing on the good bits and disguising the rest.

When my wobbly bits are firmly ensconced in cleverly structured dresses, I mostly go about my day worrying about more important things and leave the body hang-ups to the celebs.

However, this time of year is an exception. As summer approaches there's one thing on my mind -- holidays. Having booked a trip to Greece, the thought of baring all has motivated me to be my most fabulous. Second to the January detox, a pre-summer calorie clamp-down is one of the busiest times on the diet calendar.

No sooner has the sun peeped out and the fluorescent flip-flops landed in Penneys, than girls all around me are swapping biscuits for bananas and plotting early morning runs. The past week has seen a surge in pre-washed salad sales as people prepare to book a holiday. While our continual attempts to be healthier accelerate ahead of the sunshine, the holiday is the focus.

Unlike the celebs plagued by constant scrutiny, I'm simply upping the ante for the next 11 weeks so that when I get to Greece, I can enjoy endless food and wine guilt-free -- before returning home to start the cycle again!