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Addressing my mum's dilemma

AT home last weekend I was faced with a dilemma. My mother announced she had "absolutely nothing" to wear.

Granted, the recession doesn't exactly allow her the chance to update her wardrobe, but on the plus side, she looks better then ever and has an enviable figure for her age.

Nevertheless the 'nothing to wear panic' is something that besieges every woman from time to time. No matter how many shopping trips you squeeze into a year, those dreaded days where you open the closet and find nothing to wear remain a mysterious occurrence.

I, for one, am ashamed to admit how many dresses I have bulging from my shared wardrobe.

Thankfully, my boyfriend has about as much interest in fashion as I do in sport, so while the top section of our double wardrobe has been allocated for him to stuff wetsuits and football apparatus among my many clothes, he has to make do with just two drawers for the rest of his gear.


My mother was never quite as interested in clothes as I am, however, she does like to look good and was ready to go to Supervalu in her pyjamas last week unless I staged a rescue operation in her room.

Dismayed, we went upstairs and I waded through the unfolded jumble of jumpers, jeans and tops. My tidying skills, it seems, are not something I inherited.

Nearly 30 years of belts, bags and shoes were flung across the room. My efforts at sorting out her wardrobe last year were a waste as the jumble had returned.

Despite her protests at having literally nothing left to wear, I managed to salvage something from the discarded items and created up to 10 new outfit combinations.

I even added some of my own cast-offs to the pile -- they're too tight for me now! Still in her 40s, she can wear jeans that do nothing for my curvier figure -- unfortunately I didn't inherit her tiny hips either.

The morning was a success as I recovered several forgotten garments. To celebrate the new lease of life to her wardrobe I treated us to an afternoon of drinks in the sun, with a much happier and more stylish mother in tow.

Her wardrobe had new life breathed into it by a simple tidy and objective eye cast over the clothes. Sometimes it just takes the help of a loved one to remind us how fabulous we can be when we stand back and sort through the mess, of a wardrobe -- or any other frustrations we have.