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5 tips on picking your Bridesmaids

>1 Try and wait before appointing your bridesmaids.

In the first flush of engagement, you might make decisions you regret later. You should also consider your budget. The more bridesmaids you have the more outfits you will have to buy, unless your bridesmaids are willing to contribute.

2 If you are close to your sister(s) or future sister-in-law, it’s always an option to choose one or more of them. They have known you the longest, and it will avoid potential family rows.

3 Choose friends who are loyal, who will help you with planning, as well as duties on the day. You won’t be able to choose all of your friends, but think of other roles for them on the day such as reading, or singing or helping with the invitations.

4 If you want to have flower girls or page boys, consider their ages. You don't want a flower girl to be crying down the aisle, or needing their nappy changed midway through the ceremony. As a rule, they should be old enough to speak before participating.

5 Be prepared for different opinions when it comes to choosing dresses, but remember, that it is your wedding day.