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5 tips for booking that honeymoon

1 Try to work out your budget before you go looking for your honeymoon. There is no point in raising your own expectations if you are not going to be able to afford it.

2 Shop around -- there are loads of good, and very helpful travel agents and their expert advice is invaluable.

3 Consider the time of year you are getting married-- if it's peak season at the destination where you want to go, or wet season, you could always postpone your honeymoon to a later date. Think about a mini-moon city break straight after your wedding, and the more extravagant holiday later.

4Ask your guests to contribute towards the cost of your honeymoon if you have everything you need and want to splash out but can't afford it. Many travel companies offer a wedding guest list where your guests can make their contribution to your honeymoon.

5 When deciding on your resort, think carefully about the board option you are taking, and what implications this will have on your spending money. For example, it's expensive to eat out in the Maldives, so while it may seem like it's making the price of your holiday more expensive to choose a full-board option, in a place like this it may save you money.