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5 things everyone is talking about this week: Stork for crane Kelsey Grammer

Surrogate dads Actor Neil Patrick Harris is going to be a father. He and partner David Burtka are expecting twins via a surrogate. Harris, who stars in TV show How I Met Your Mother, broke the news on Twitter.

Different galaxies Star Wars star Hayden Christensen and actress Rachel Bilson have gone their separate ways. The pair had been engaged since 2008.

Perry crashes Melbourne teenagers got the shock of their lives when Katy Perry crashed their prom. The singer had heard her single California Gurls being played, strolled into the party, grabbed a mike and sang along.

Stork for crane Kelsey Grammer (55), best known for his TV role as Fraser Crane, is expecting a baby with his girlfriend, Kayte Walsh.

Boxing clever Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher has taken a stand against criticism that she uses Botox. She posted pictures of herself, bare-faced and a little wrinkled, on Facebook as proof.