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5 things everyone is talking about this week: Penelope Cruz

ROBBIE'S BACK Fifteen years after he left the band Robbie Williams is rejoining Take That. Apparently there's a 50-date tour in the pipeline and a slot at Glastonbury.

CRUZ CONTROL While it's not surprising that Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem got married, it's impressive they managed to keep it quiet for about a month. The pair got hitched in the Bahamas a few weeks ago, at a very small ceremony.

STRIP STROP Actress Eva Mendes (36) has complained that actresses who are not thought of as "quite as attractive" are praised for their bravery when they get naked on screen but she doesn't get any credit.

TAX DODGER Actor Wesley Snipes is facing three years in jail for tax evasion. In 2008 he was found guilty of not filing tax returns for several years.

MEL MOVES ON Troubled actor Mel Gibson is reportedly leaving America and moving back to Australia. According to reports, he sold his New York mansion and has his Malibu home on the market.