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5 things everyone is talking about this week: Louis Walsh

i do Pirates of the Caribbean star Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr have tied the knot in LA, making them the latest celebrity couple to pull off a secret wedding.

Keep away Jennifer Aniston has been granted a restraining order against a stalker. The man had driven across America in a car with messages including "I love you Jennifer Aniston" carved into the doors.

X-hausting Louis Walsh is having his own stalker woes. A woman has been following the X Factor judge for two years and while he used to think it was 'a bit of fun', he's scared now.

dropping in Rockers Kings of Leon were forced offstage after suffering a pigeon attack. The band were playing in Missouri when, the birds started pooing on them from the rafters above.

sex case Casey Affleck has been sued for sexual harassment. A woman claims the actor got violent when she refused to have sex with him while they were working on a film. He has dismissed the claims.