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5 things everyone is talking about this week

1 IS LEA LAUGHING? Glee star Matthew Morrison has denied rumours that he had an affair with co-star Lea Michele. Morrison said he found the story "laughable".

2 CROWE's carp Notoriously volatile Russell Crowe wasn't happy when a BBC journalist asked if there were hints of an Irish accent in his performance as Robin Hood. Crowe told Mark Lawson he had 'dead ears' and then upped and left the interview.


3 Oliver Stone has taken credit for getting Shia LaBeouf and girlfriend Carey Mulligan together. The pair met when they starred in his Wall Street sequel, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.

4 QUIET COURTING Actor Gerard Butler has said he has been dating women while the press have been writing stories about him his Bounty Hunter co-star Jennifer Aniston.

5 DIDDY LOVE P Diddy has been lamenting the fact that he hasn't met the right woman yet. The rapper/ mogul said he's "never conquered love".