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5 Habits that will keep you single

Are you planning on sitting in alone this evening with a bottle of wine, a Mad Men DVD and a cat called Solitude, and wondering why it is that you are a singleton while your more boring friends are coupled up?

Or you might be in a doomed relationship and wondering how on earth it is that you've picked yet another dud? Do you think there's a chance that you might be doing it on purpose, for fear of getting hurt, or perhaps getting too close to anyone?

Relationship experts believe there are five habits which are keeping many a gal single.

1 Getting stuck on an ex

It's impossible to form a new relationship if you're still obsessed with an ex and stalking him on Facebook. You'll only compare any new guy with him, and wonder if getting involved with a new man will ruin your chances of ultimately getting back together with your ex. Yet there's always a good reason why an ex is an ex.

2 Going for unavailable guys

A classic move to avoid getting into a committed relationship is to find a man who is technically off the market. Of course, you'll probably rationalise your behaviour with, "no man leaves a happy marriage/relationship etc". Yet the reality is that if you're going after a taken person, you're already at a huge romantic disadvantage. Because if he cheats on his wife/girlfriend with you, then he's also likely to cheat on you.

3 Dating an idiot and then assuming every man is an idiot

It's easy to become judge and jury after being treated badly in a relationship. Plus, your bad experience will only act as an invite for your friends to revisit all their old tales of horror from the mating game, and before you know it: "All men are b*****ds."

Yet while it's one thing to promise yourself that you will never fall for a philandering charmer again, it's another thing to over-compensate and decide that every guy is an idiot.

Instead, work off the premise that every second guy is gorgeous.

4 Seeking out long-distance relationships

It's a challenge doing a long-distance relationship with someone you have been dating for a while, so to seek out a man who lives a train/plane ride away from you is to deny the need a couple has to spend a lot of time together at the beginning of a relationship. Not only will your relationship not get a chance to grow and cement, but it will also not be tested, and is more likely to ultimately fail.

5 Getting into a solitary groove

No one wrestles the remote control off you, no one leaves the toilet seat up, and no one eats the last cream cake . . . yes, there are many reasons to enjoy being single every now and then. Yet you can get too comfortable, which will keep you out of the dating game.