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5-Day food diary

Day 1

Tea and toast, sandwich and ginormous bag of crisps, Diet Coke, two biscuits, yoghurt, pasta and glass of wine.

Calories: 2,300, Fat: 68g, Sugar: 60g, Salt: 7g.

Water: 1.5 litres

Steps: 6,300

Alcohol: One unit.

Day 2

Cereal, tea, tuna salad, yoghurt, biscuit, risotto, two large beers.

Calories: 1,500, Fat: 43g, Sugar: 40g, Salt: 4g.

Water: 1.5 litres

Steps: 6,800

Alcohol: Four units.

Day 3

My gorgeous godson's second birthday. Lovely day but the addition of marshmallows, chocolate cake, Rocky Road bars and wine (for the adults, not the kids) meant I probably consumed a week's worth of sugar. I hit the average GDAs of an oompa loompa.

Day 4

Cereal and tea, large carvery lunch, chocolate bar, Diet Coke, pre-packed sandwich.

Calories: 2,400; Fat: 71g, Sugar: 82g, Salt: 5g.

Water: 2 litres

Steps: 7,200

Alcohol: Zero units.

Day 5

The near perfect day!

Cereal and tea, fruit, vegetable wrap, nuts, chicken and veg pasta and salad, large beer, small chocolate bar.

Calories: 2,005; Fat: 58g, Sugar: 66g, Salt: 4g.

Water: 2 litres

Steps: 9,500

Alcohol: Two units.