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fears for the future

pension shock: the future is now

RTE1, 9.35pm George Lee (below) takes a dark and dismal look at the world of pensions, which seems to rock from one crisis to another. The bottom line seems to be that things are bad now -- but they're going to get a hell of a lot worse.

This is an issue that will affect everyone -- in essence, the equivalent of another banking crisis unfolding over a longer period. How did we get here and is it already too late to do anything about it?

new frontiers

brave new world with stephen hawking

Channel 4, 8pm The well-respected and off-beat professor presents a new series looking at some gizmos, gadgets and breakthroughs that have changed all our lives.

To get things going, a driverless car is tested on the busy streets of San Francisco.

nosh up

kitchen hero

RTE1, 8.30pm Jumbo sandwiches and rocky road chocolate bars must be prepared for the cast of Beauty and the Beast by chef Donal Skehan.

Hummus and crispy pitta bread must also be rustled up in quick time -- without breaking the bank!

on the road

motorway cops

BBC1, 9pm The hard-pressed traffic corps call in the police helicopter Alpha Oscar One to help track down some stolen cars and drug dealers in the UK. It's high-octane ground-to-air stuff all the way -- but will the thieves make their getaway as traffic pile-ups get worse?