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fashion buys that will stand the test of time

WELCOME to Bastyan autumn/winter 2014, would you have the nerve to wear this?

The label's press release says their current collection: "embraces feminine energy with a fresh contemporary vision."

This is actually what Bastyan do every season. They produce off the rack work wear and evening wear that looks like you should not be able to afford it but you can if you are the kind of person who gets pleasure from buying one good piece at a time.

And sometimes, this picture is a good example of it, they even produce items of clothing that you don't think your figure is good enough to carry off.

But, and this is not permission to raid the biscuit tin, whoever designs and cuts these clothes does so with real women in mind.

Which is why one often gets a pleasant surprise in the changing rooms - I call them 'Bastyan moments.'

There is every chance that you might look really hot in this pictured dress (Clayton embellished dress, €395). Whether you have the nerve to wear it is all up to you. Professional hair and make-up will help. Bastyan's workwear, coats and blazers are investment buys so check them out in Brown Thomas.

skin remedies

ANYONE out there who has long-standing highs and lows with skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis will no doubt have come to the realisation that managing your stress factors is key.

But you will also know that this is easier said than done. Silcock's Base is a balm that won't offer a cure but it won't make things worse and may offer some relief. You'll find small pots in most pharmacies for under €4.


According to Littlewoods Ireland more girls are choosing to wear white to their debs (Pictured: Forever Unique Lavine maxi dress, €649).

Karen Nason, spokesperson for Littlewoods Ireland says: "We are seeing a new trend coming through this season as girls embrace the traditional white and nude colours of the debutante's balls of past as well as keeping a close eye on the red carpet".

The tradition of wearing a white dress dates back to the debutante cotillion coming of age celebrations where young girls wore white gowns and accessorised with white gloves and pearls.