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Fashion & Beauty: The beauty of the laser


Vivienne Connolly and Roz Purcell go make-up free post-laser

Vivienne Connolly and Roz Purcell go make-up free post-laser

Vivienne Connolly and Roz Purcell go make-up free post-laser

There was a time when genetics and lifestyle eventually presented you with the face you deserve.

But these days the tech-savvy beauty industry can offer much more to those with skin concerns such as acne and scarring, red veins, pigmentation, rosacea and of course ageing.

Laser is now widely used to treat all of the above and with some great results.

I recently did a course of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) at Therapie on Molesworth Street for pigmentation and red veins and was left feeling hugely satisfied with the overall result — it’s pretty indiscernible to others, which is what the endgame of any treatment should be.

You look better, but it’s should be impossible for others to work out why.

What to expect: The course of five treatments was preceded with a skin patch test and skin assessment.

My concerns were on the mild end — some small red veins around the nose and cheeks and light pigmentation on the cheeks — freckles to the ordinary punter, and I hate freckles.

The treatment: The therapist will clean your face thoroughly before selecting the appropriate laser head to treat your issues.

Each blast feels like a little elastic band springing against your skin.

The result: Any red veins disappear immediately, which is so gratifying. Be warned that the little buggers around your nose do hurt as they are being zapped, but it’s merely momentary discomfort for long term gain.

Areas of pigmentation go darker immediately, crust over slightly in the following days and then flake off.

You are advised to use an exfoliant on day three post-treatment and protect yourself from sun exposure, on an ongoing basis.

The verdict: There’s nothing to match laser for yielding an instant yet lasting glow without down time and it is something worth considering every few years for a skin boost. My course of five treatments costs €450.  Models Roz Purcell and Vivienne Connolly are fronting a campaign for Therapie which shows all ages can benefit from laser.

For more info 1890 650 750; www.therapieclinic.com