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Fashion and Beauty: Get a nice scent... for a few cents

THIS may win the award for the least sexy Tried & Tested ever. But, hey, this is important, if not being too smelly is important to you. These were mainly tested during horseriding lessons -- the best among them managed to rein in the odour. Ha ha.

WELEDA Sage Deodorant, €11.50, 3/5 I've been spraying under my arms for many years now, and yet the sensation of this one is very surprising. It's the non-aerosol aspect, I suspect. It feels weird! There are no aluminum salts in it, which is great, but the odour control is medium to weak, and it was defeated by an hour of dressage. There's a 30ml version (€7.95) that might make a handbag hero.

GARNIER Mineral Clean Sensation 48H Non Stop Anti-Perspirant, €3.14, 4/5 Uh, no, not 48 hours by any stretch of the imagination -- if you sit still and don't move, maybe. Nevertheless, this provides great odour protection, without alcohol or any of the bad stuff. It's an aerosol spray, so not sure about your global footprint. Your global armpit, however, will not contribute to the pollution problem.

SURE Maximum Protection TRISolid Cream, €6.87, 4/5 This one is the big winner as regards the horseriding. My pits were probably the only thing not emitting odour, however. No, seriously, this is great if you are being active, but not so great for the white-streak thing that happens with cream deodorants. Take care to wait until it dries, or apply carefully after you've put your top on.

DERMALOGICA Environmental Control Deodorant, €20, 3/5 I've never come across a gel-based deodorant product, and I have to say, I have never had such a refreshing feeling under me oxters. I didn't find the odour control to be the best, though. I did find this to be great at knocking out pre-existing condition of pong: not that it covered it up, but it really did seem to eradicate it. Great for spot checks, then!

CIEN, €0.75, 5/5 Lidl do it again! This is lightly scented, dries quickly, doesn't streak, keeps you dry and smelling not-smelly. It works really well under extreme horseriding duress, too. Yet another lesson in 'don't judge a product by its price point'.