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Facebook up to facts: boys will be boys

I only recently decided to join Facebook, having stubbornly refused for so long. Putting off signing up wasn't just an issue of protecting privacy but avoiding getting swept along with the herd. But you either get swept along or swept out. So which is it to be?

The other reservation I had was the belief that men who use social media platforms are voyeuristic, egotistic, unable to connect in the real world and 'baboon brained' enough to pounce on every click-through ad, particularly those connected with sex.


Since joining a couple of weeks ago, I now have 80 friends, 25 of whom are female. And if I fit the typical male-user profile, I'd have ogled all the photos of these ladies in between adding flattering photos of myself to my wall and ogling them for hours too, while getting distracted enough to divert at the first sight of semi-naked flesh or a dirty-chat invite somewhere in the wings.

Now I do admit getting distracted by a very diverting piece on singer Rihanna's fetish fondness -- no idea how it cropped up -- but that was only momentary and was diverted back when I got a message to say someone tagged me on one of their photos. Okay, the ego got me, too.

But as for the perving through the photos, none of that went on. Apart from one or two or three old flames (sorry girls), but only because it was years since I'd seen them and I kind of fancied them back then and it felt good to be invited into their world once more and ... sorry current partners of said women.

Look, we're all human. The ladies are as bad as the gents in this department and what is more troubling is the inanity of some of the posts on the 'News Feed'.


Guys I haven't seen since school will pop up and tell you: "Knackered today." This from someone who I last saw at the Debs Ball. I'm guilty too, telling the 80 friends I was "in my lovely bed" one Sunday morning, using my Facebook app on the iPhone to do it.

But we're not alone. A tweet from Lady Gaga at the time of writing went: "Hangin out with my buddy Tony having a whiskey. Feel like such a tramp." Who is Tony? Why would whiskey make you a tramp? Who cares? Everybody, it seems.

But, in general, women seem to post items accessible to both sexes -- children, weddings, days out, parties, etc -- whereas boys will always be boys and go for "best guitar solo ever", football, football and more football, how long it took to run a mile that morning or puerile jokes that belonged in Viz.

Guys, there is a place for all those things, it's called a pub. But because we don't get out much anymore and the pubs are all closing anyway, I suppose Facebook will have to do. The ladies can titter in the wings.