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Face the facts, celebs without make-up still look fabulous

Oh, the joy of seeing a star snapped without her make-up. For a brief moment you allow your deluded, demented brain to think, 'Oh, yes, they're just like the rest of us after all'.

The shutters come down fairly fast on that thought as, with closer inspection, you realise that the woman in question does indeed look a little like us, but that would be us at our very best, you know, say on our wedding day.

I saw a recent pap shot of Liv Tyler -- the thumbnail's headline described her as 'barely recognisable', which wasn't at all true. I knew straight away it was the Lord of the Rings lass -- sure why else would I click on it? Liv looked like she had just got out of bed -- which translates as a tiny bit bleary eyed, but with perfect skin and that ethereal beauty she is famous for. Anyway, some thoroughbred beauties now seem intent on denying us the pleasure of stumbling across these images in our favourite magazine or online by tweeting pics of themselves sans make-up to followers. Sneaky mares.


Nicole Scherzinger did just that -- I suspect that she was wearing 'no make-up make-up'-- but in any case she gets bonus points for wearing a towel on her head and still looking like a sex kitten. Show off!

And now Holly Willoughby's gotten in on the act. After tweeting a pic of a perfect Sunday lunch, and being praised for being so organised, Holly turned the camera on herself to show she was still in her PJs, naked face and all. She looked like a younger version of her This Morning self.

I think there are two pictures of myself that I like -- maybe five I can tolerate without grimacing. The minute a camera is aimed at me, my inner dialogue goes into meltdown.

On a visit to a dermatologist, the manager asked if she could take a picture of me for their files, that it would be confidential etc. I told her she could if she promised she would never show it to me. I wasn't joking.

It might be time to start working on my inner beauty!

Dee O'Keeffe